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... tified by this knowledge he was able to set out on his pilgrimage to deepest darkest Lancashire in search of the secret sect of Cheese and Pickle Ninja Storm whEntry ID: 412
Author: Mystic m
Date & Time: Sun, 25th Jun 06 @2:34pm
..en all of a sudden, he was attacked by Master Bob (bob@bob.com) Last known 'Eke thump' practitioner. With a thwack he hit Dr Forbes, who died.(RIP) Bob crieEntry ID: 413
Author: MoJoker
Date & Time: Mon, 26th Jun 06 @12:36pm
d the big girly boo hoo and thus invoked the sympathy of the Great Metaphysical Primate who brought our beloved Dr Forbes back to life. However, the good Dr wasEntry ID: 414
Author: Mystic m
Date & Time: Mon, 3rd Jul 06 @10:12am
forever changed. For he had grown a rather large handlebar moustache and had become magnetic. Still, this wan't much of a problem sinceEntry ID: 415
Author: The Mayor Of Albuquerque
Date & Time: Fri, 7th Jul 06 @2:22pm
he had moved to the dark side of the moon where the surface was made entirely of tasty cheese. The Clangers welcomed the good doctor by introducing him toEntry ID: 416
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Fri, 7th Jul 06 @3:42pm
a series of unattached extra terrestrials. It was the speed dating service of ET-Reunited the intergalactic lonely heart-like-organ service and he met a volupEntry ID: 419
Author: Mystic m
Date & Time: Mon, 10th Jul 06 @3:53pm
on a headstart course. where there wereEntry ID: 420
Author: headstart
Date & Time: Thu, 13th Jul 06 @7:38pm
a group of aliens looking forEntry ID: 421
Author: prospecter
Date & Time: Thu, 13th Jul 06 @9:49pm

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