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... quest, as the Brigade had drowned several months earlier off the coast of Nigeria. Their cries were heard throughout the parallel universe, but nothing couldEntry ID: 425
Author: BrettBlade
Date & Time: Tue, 18th Jul 06 @9:36pm
save their sorry souls from their terrible fate. All 63 members of the Brigade were lost in this terrible accident. One said that they should have consideredEntry ID: 426
Author: Challenged
Date & Time: Tue, 18th Jul 06 @9:37pm
life jackets, but that would have cost a considerable amount of money. An amount that the brigade didn't have. Money saves lives, remember that.Entry ID: 427
Author: BrettBlade
Date & Time: Tue, 18th Jul 06 @9:39pm
Had they paid closer attention to their feet they would have noticed they were webbed as Platypuses can swim! Thus averting the need for life jackets, still youEntry ID: 428
Author: Valhalarama
Date & Time: Wed, 19th Jul 06 @7:56pm
cannot pass. Oddly enough, there was a brief musical interlude at this point and people stopped for snacks and a refreshing beverage. Afterwards, things resumedEntry ID: 429
Author: The Mayor Of Albuquerque
Date & Time: Thu, 20th Jul 06 @10:09am
in a way similar to how the French engaged the Germans, by trying not to trip over their discarded rifles as they fled. Of course, these were troubling times soEntry ID: 430
Author: An Electric Jesus
Date & Time: Tue, 25th Jul 06 @12:53pm
best not to dwell on past misdemeanours and continue plundering the South Seas in search of the Treasure of Norbet Thompson the gayest privateer ever to stepEntry ID: 431
Author: Mystic m
Date & Time: Fri, 4th Aug 06 @11:07am
out of the closet. Obviously, Norbet's sexuallity led to much innuendo amongst the crew. For example, walking Norbet's plank took on a whole new meaning, as dEntry ID: 432
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Fri, 4th Aug 06 @12:20pm
id 'burying the treasure' and a 'flogging by the Boson'. Still Norbert was not the only gay pirate and he was no where near a camp as Lavender Beard or Phil theEntry ID: 433
Author: scooby snack
Date & Time: Fri, 4th Aug 06 @12:57pm
Queer. It wasn't the most imaginitive name but pirates are commonly too drunk to spend too much time thinking up names. They drink like men ought to and don'tEntry ID: 434
Author: The Mayor Of Albuquerque
Date & Time: Wed, 9th Aug 06 @6:06pm
stop until someone loses and eye, hence the number of eye patches evident amongst privateers. There is no standard method in which the eye is lost but some ofEntry ID: 435
Author: Mystic m
Date & Time: Thu, 10th Aug 06 @12:08pm

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