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... ns prevented them from actually doing anything about it as their feet were much too sore to leave the house. They were thus scouring Ebay for enough cheap SegwaysEntry ID: 401
Author: fat bob
Date & Time: Thu, 8th Jun 06 @3:16am
proved fruitless because Segways are stupid and expensive and can be built at home for a fraction of the price, as can self-balncing, motorized uni-cyclesEntry ID: 402
Author: The Mayor Of Albuquerque
Date & Time: Thu, 8th Jun 06 @11:38am
with psychotic cyborg clowns attached to them. It is imperative to ensure that cyborg clowns ride on *self-balancing* uni-cylcles because otherwiseEntry ID: 403
Author: cirrus
Date & Time: Thu, 8th Jun 06 @3:31pm
they become ecstatically happy. Eventually, the clowns are so cheerful, they are unable to perform their jobs - which is too scare the crap out of everybody andEntry ID: 404
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Thu, 8th Jun 06 @9:22pm
perform the bizarre rituals of Morris dancing. To a large extent his appears to be done by becoming an accountant, growing a beard, and insisting on extollingEntry ID: 405
Author: fat bob
Date & Time: Fri, 9th Jun 06 @3:55am
the virtues of strapping jingle bells to your socks and waving hankies at other grown men in a camp, limp-wristed manner. Still, it beatsEntry ID: 406
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Tue, 13th Jun 06 @11:44am
playing Sudoku, or watching that inane, annoying Frosties advert. Still, at least my potato farm had taken off with help from the good Dr. ForbesEntry ID: 407
Author: The Mayor Of Albuquerque
Date & Time: Wed, 14th Jun 06 @12:08pm
who certainly knows how to handle his spuds. Life on the farm was not all romps in the hayloft it had a much more sinister element since the appearance ofEntry ID: 408
Author: Bombay Duck
Date & Time: Thu, 15th Jun 06 @1:02am
"The Spaniel" who was a columbian assassin working for The Crimson Chin. Why he appeared at my tater farm I shall never know, but he was to forever change theEntry ID: 409
Author: An Electric Jesus
Date & Time: Fri, 23rd Jun 06 @10:55am
way in which potatoes were cultivated & harvested. His revolutionary methods were deemed by some to be too perverse, too extreme, but they produced results. ForEntry ID: 410
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Sun, 25th Jun 06 @9:55am

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