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... the Grandma. It was the new pirate craze that had taken the seven seas by storm. That and parrot baitingEntry ID: 380
Author: The Master Sleech
Date & Time: Thu, 18th May 06 @12:44am
which had been outlawed two-hundred years ago because it had seriously depleted the natural resource of pirate parrots, this was why there were few pirates leftEntry ID: 381
Author: The Mayor Of Albuquerque
Date & Time: Thu, 18th May 06 @2:46pm
as their completely symbiotic relationship meant when the parrot died the pirates where left in emotional and mental turmoil causing them to walk the plank withEntry ID: 382
Author: scooby snack
Date & Time: Thu, 18th May 06 @8:48pm
out first ensuring the safety rails were deployed. Many a careless pirate met a grisly end this way. One such pirate was the legendaryEntry ID: 383
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Thu, 18th May 06 @10:15pm
Armpit Pete who wore lead boots and was insane. Dispite this he was feared by many due to his bizzare battle tactics whichEntry ID: 384
Author: The Master Sleech
Date & Time: Fri, 19th May 06 @12:58am
required pirate to strip naked and rub themselves down with a small stoat while roaring like an over excitedEntry ID: 385
Author: fat bob
Date & Time: Sat, 20th May 06 @2:39pm
prostitute. This ensured that the pirates had the advantage of suprise, their enemies were all to shocked to remember to defend themselves. Armpit Pete wasn'tEntry ID: 386
Author: The Mayor Of Albuquerque
Date & Time: Sun, 21st May 06 @2:28pm
Any relation to Texas Pete the arch enemy of eighties animated character Superted but he did have a fondness for wearing 'chaps' and a large handlebarEntry ID: 387
Author: scooby snack
Date & Time: Fri, 26th May 06 @7:35pm
moustache. It was only on closer examination that Texas Pete noticed his skin was missing. That explained the odd looks he got as he skipped the light fandangoEntry ID: 388
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Sat, 27th May 06 @2:39am
in Armpit Pete's brigg. He had been put there as Armpit Pete was annoyed with people mistaking him for Texas Pete's brother. This mad him very angryEntry ID: 389
Author: The Master Sleech
Date & Time: Sat, 27th May 06 @7:32pm
so one day he decided to go to the face transplant clinic, the only problem was he couldn't decide whether to go for John Travolta or Nicholas Cage. EventuallyEntry ID: 390
Author: Stemily
Date & Time: Sun, 28th May 06 @2:09pm

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