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... a group of aliens looking forEntry ID: 421
Author: prospecter
Date & Time: Thu, 13th Jul 06 @9:49pm
The meaning of life foundEntry ID: 422
Author: Headstart1
Date & Time: Fri, 14th Jul 06 @4:07pm
it at the bottom of his pint glass. He turned to his marsupial master and uttered the following sentiment, which has since entered into folklore "He whoEntry ID: 423
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Fri, 14th Jul 06 @6:29pm
can prostrate himself as flat as a lizard drinkin is worthy to call himself a friend of the Brigade of the Purple Platypus. However, this was a rather obliqueEntry ID: 424
Author: Mystic m
Date & Time: Mon, 17th Jul 06 @4:44pm
quest, as the Brigade had drowned several months earlier off the coast of Nigeria. Their cries were heard throughout the parallel universe, but nothing couldEntry ID: 425
Author: BrettBlade
Date & Time: Tue, 18th Jul 06 @10:36pm
save their sorry souls from their terrible fate. All 63 members of the Brigade were lost in this terrible accident. One said that they should have consideredEntry ID: 426
Author: Challenged
Date & Time: Tue, 18th Jul 06 @10:37pm
life jackets, but that would have cost a considerable amount of money. An amount that the brigade didn't have. Money saves lives, remember that.Entry ID: 427
Author: BrettBlade
Date & Time: Tue, 18th Jul 06 @10:39pm
Had they paid closer attention to their feet they would have noticed they were webbed as Platypuses can swim! Thus averting the need for life jackets, still youEntry ID: 428
Author: Valhalarama
Date & Time: Wed, 19th Jul 06 @8:56pm
cannot pass. Oddly enough, there was a brief musical interlude at this point and people stopped for snacks and a refreshing beverage. Afterwards, things resumedEntry ID: 429
Author: The Mayor Of Albuquerque
Date & Time: Thu, 20th Jul 06 @11:09am
in a way similar to how the French engaged the Germans, by trying not to trip over their discarded rifles as they fled. Of course, these were troubling times soEntry ID: 430
Author: An Electric Jesus
Date & Time: Tue, 25th Jul 06 @1:53pm
best not to dwell on past misdemeanours and continue plundering the South Seas in search of the Treasure of Norbet Thompson the gayest privateer ever to stepEntry ID: 431
Author: Mystic m
Date & Time: Fri, 4th Aug 06 @12:07pm

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