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... so much so, that I stripped off my restrictive lederhosen, oiled my loins, and headed for the local lido. The ladies of Bavaria had better watch out becauseEntry ID: 185
Author: sabrinatheteenagewitch
Date & Time: Fri, 3rd Mar 06 @9:51pm
I had the appetite of a sexual tyrannosaurus and I was in need of some lovin'. Unfortunately, I had failed to consider it was the coldest winter on record and myEntry ID: 186
Author: my name is earl
Date & Time: Fri, 3rd Mar 06 @10:10pm
cojones were a visual testament to the chill factor. Thankfully, I had remembered to pack a blow torch into my rucsack that day. I quicklyEntry ID: 187
Author: Jolly Green Giant
Date & Time: Fri, 3rd Mar 06 @10:30pm
constructed a small hot water system to warm my nether regions from pipes I found in a conveniently parked van belonging to a small Italian plumber with a bigEntry ID: 188
Author: my name is earl
Date & Time: Sat, 4th Mar 06 @4:22pm
wrench. The Italian plumber then began to talk at length about how he cunningly smuggles drugs in his colostimy bag to confuse the customs dogs. When he wasEntry ID: 189
Author: Rich
Date & Time: Sun, 5th Mar 06 @2:23pm
young, he used to hide them in his novelty moustache, but an unfortunate shaving accident led to himEntry ID: 190
Author: Stemily
Date & Time: Sun, 5th Mar 06 @4:14pm
cutting off the whole of his upper lip. However, by attaching extensions to his nose-hair, he could simulate the appearance ofEntry ID: 191
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Sun, 5th Mar 06 @8:24pm
Margaret Thatcher. Maggie saw the imposter posing as her on Question Time whilst she was at home brewing up a potion from eye of Newt and testicle ofEntry ID: 192
Author: Clause IV
Date & Time: Sun, 5th Mar 06 @10:38pm
Norman. The resultant concoction turned her into 'the Iron Lady', a super hero with handbagging powers the world had seldom seen. The plumbing imposterEntry ID: 193
Author: MiracleMaxx
Date & Time: Mon, 6th Mar 06 @8:34am
didn't stand a chance. Witnesses to the event will never forget the brutal nature of Maggie's perfectly aimed strikes to Mario's backside. The swelling was immenseEntry ID: 194
Author: Grim Reaper
Date & Time: Tue, 7th Mar 06 @11:10am
and only a firm rub down with hot soapy lather from the skilled hands of immense Turkish masseuse prevented it from being amputated. All that from a small quipEntry ID: 195
Author: my name is earl
Date & Time: Tue, 7th Mar 06 @9:16pm

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