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... and only a firm rub down with hot soapy lather from the skilled hands of immense Turkish masseuse prevented it from being amputated. All that from a small quipEntry ID: 195
Author: my name is earl
Date & Time: Tue, 7th Mar 06 @9:16pm
about the price of bread. Beryl set about investigating the circumstances in which the death occured. Her only clue wasEntry ID: 196
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Wed, 8th Mar 06 @12:07pm
a soggy pair of clogs and some Branston pickle. Given these clues, Beryl deduced that the man died from a severeEntry ID: 197
Author: Stemily
Date & Time: Wed, 8th Mar 06 @5:30pm
head injury from a proponent of the ancient Yorkshire martial art of Cheese and Pickle Ninja Storm. The cult of CPNS were renowned for their strange ritualsEntry ID: 198
Author: Gobber the Belch
Date & Time: Wed, 8th Mar 06 @7:34pm
involving a jar of Branston, a lump of stilton and a set of polished nunchucks. Few dwarfs passed the initiation, as theEntry ID: 199
Author: Sheep Worrier
Date & Time: Wed, 8th Mar 06 @8:46pm
rules stipulated a height restriction of 1.4 meters and taller. The dejected dwarfs (and midgets for PC sake) went on a riotous rampage, burningEntry ID: 200
Author: MiracleMaxx
Date & Time: Thu, 9th Mar 06 @12:20pm
anything they could reach - small dogs, the homeless, other dwarves etc. The police had a tough time catching the little folk as they had oiled themselves withEntry ID: 201
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Thu, 9th Mar 06 @6:45pm
a concoction made from distilled Yak milk and nasal scrapings from a small herbivore (preferably a hedgehog). This enabled our height challenged heroes to goEntry ID: 202
Author: Aunt Hefty Thighs
Date & Time: Thu, 9th Mar 06 @9:31pm
skiing without the fear of being mocked for their diminutive stature, nor being charged an excessive amount of money forEntry ID: 203
Author: The Mayor Of Albuquerque
Date & Time: Thu, 9th Mar 06 @10:32pm
extra small clogs. Having suffered this indignity one too many times, they formed their own unionEntry ID: 204
Author: Crab
Date & Time: Thu, 9th Mar 06 @11:03pm
of states and declared war on the British. However,this did not rouse the British from there tea drinking as they had always considered it a God forsaken placeEntry ID: 205
Author: girlie bob
Date & Time: Fri, 10th Mar 06 @10:01pm

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