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... exclaimed mighty mouse before being run down by Old Lady Karma in her Subaru Impreza. This has nothing to do with this story but I thought I'd mention it anyhoEntry ID: 462
Author: The Mayor Of Albuquerque
Date & Time: Mon, 12th Feb 07 @2:25pm
e who plies her trade out the back of such a vehicle deserves respect. However, I inadvertently fell over the spare TiVo which was kept in the loft for suchEntry ID: 463
Author: fat bob
Date & Time: Fri, 16th Feb 07 @1:35pm
small people as Tom Cruise and Ronnie Corbett. The wee folk had a party in my loft that lasted well into the early hours, withEntry ID: 464
Author: The Mayor Of Albuquerque
Date & Time: Tue, 20th Feb 07 @11:17am
two thimbles full of shandy enough to make the little people sing and dance like the happy little pixie folk they were. This all changed when theEntry ID: 465
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Tue, 6th Mar 07 @1:45pm
Mixies arrived. The Mixies are an excitable collection of novelty items with lifes and minds of their very own. The worst Mixie wasEntry ID: 466
Author: The Mayor Of Albuquerque
Date & Time: Mon, 26th Mar 07 @4:50pm
a rabbit with an advanced state of the disease. He was looking for an NHS Trust which treated his disease. This time he was in luck.He found a doctor called VETEntry ID: 467
Author: Flashoptimist
Date & Time: Thu, 31st May 07 @11:19am
TTRUCHIO Soprano, a flashing eyed Italian paramedic withEntry ID: 468
Author: Debbie
Date & Time: Thu, 31st May 07 @3:01pm
an unbearable cold, which kept everyone in suspense. Some years before that night, none would have thought that...Entry ID: 469
Author: Papui
Date & Time: Sun, 3rd Jun 07 @12:37pm
gravity could drop so low that human arms and hands could work as wings. Her inelegant flutter now took her up to the ledge and she looked into the window ...Entry ID: 470
Author: b$$
Date & Time: Wed, 6th Jun 07 @1:02pm
to find her doppelganger staring back. Her first instinct was to glide away from the building, back to the relative safety ofEntry ID: 471
Author: Twinsen
Date & Time: Wed, 13th Jun 07 @7:58pm
VigEntry ID: 472
Author: Daniel
Date & Time: Thu, 28th Jun 07 @7:02pm

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